COVID-19 Testing

Convenient, real time, HIPAA compliant platform for testing your employees and achieving a safer re-opening
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  1. Employee

    Get invitation from employer

    Register with Sync.MD

    Complete questionnaire

  2. Medical Oversight

    Draw and test blood

    Review results

  3. Employer

    Receive verified results

    Make deployment decisions

Verified Digital result is automatically made available to employer

End-to-End Solution

ImmuID combines an advanced risk-assessment algorithm with state of the art, FDA authorized tests, delivered in a secure, user friendly platform for collection, testing, review and rapid reporting of results.
We can also advise you on implementation of various procedures and practices to reduce risk of transmission in the workplace. Please inquire about our Consulting services.

The Sync.MD platform ensures that sensitive information is shared only with authorized staff. Employers just receive access to their finalized ImmuID Certified results.

Employees can select convenient times for sample collection, quickly see their results once they are reviewed and approved. Employers gain real time access to verified results to optimize redeployment of their workforce.

Receive results in real time with Mobile App

Sync.MD allows employees to answer surveys, collect medical records, schedule blood-work, and receive their ImmuID results

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Real-time access

No more delays caused by documentation being slowly mailed back and forth. ImmuID uses encrypted electronic communication between employers, employees, labs, and physicians in order to maximize efficiency

Employer dashboard

Employers can use their ImmuID dashboard to get real-time updates about their workforce. Have data-driven insights into how your company can operate more safely.